Welcome to the PharmacyCPA website, we provide online courses for pharmacists and pre-registration students practising in the UK. Our main focus is the GPhC registration assessment (GPhC Exam) which is taken annually by pre-registration pharmacists to become licensed pharmacists in the UK. In the past three years, the GPhC exam has gone through some major revisions and so too has much of the content on this website. If you are looking for a course which GUARANTEES a 97% pass rate look no further than our courses listed below.

Free GPhC Exam 2018 Questions

Free GPhC Exam Questions
Free GPhC Exam Questions
A free sample course, showing our updated EMQs, MCQs and video tutorials. No email signup required. Click the link, after the jump, at the bottom, click "login as guest" with "pharm" as the password.
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Pre-reg courses...

GPhC Exam 2106

GPhC Pre-reg Exam Course

12 months access to over 1,000 questions created for the new 2018 GPhC exam. In addition, we provide you with online lectures, tutorial videos and downloadable resources for you to use offline. We have created this course so it is multi-screen capable, meaning you can easily use it from your computer, tablet or even your phone!

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Cost: £59.99

Pharmacist courses...


Pharmacy Cross Platform Accreditation

This is what this site is all about. Our lead pharmacist Mike Bereza, created this one month course in 2007, when he graduated and embarked on a career as a locum he was surprised that there are multiple patient medical record (PMR) systems in pharmacy. He found it difficult to understand the new systems so created video resources and lectures for other pharmacists to learn. 

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Cost: £59.99

 Online standard operating procedures for websiteOnline Pharmacy Standard Operating Procedures

Distance Selling Standard Operating Procedures and Clinical Governance documentation which meet legislation.gov.uk Regulations 25 and 64. All documents have been previously inspected by GPhC inspectors and edited by a superintendent pharmacist. 

Cost: £79.99

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