Our Team

PharmacyCPA was first started on 12th November 2008, we are the longest serving GPhC exam website on the web. The site was founded by Wojtek Mike Bereza (see image below) during his pre-registration year to help other students like himself pass the GPhC exam and become licensed pharmacists. Since its inception, this website has gone from serving a few of Mike's friends, to serving a large proportion of the annual pre-reg cohort. In 2010, our first book was published entitled "The Ultimate GPhC Exam Guide" which can be found on Amazon.co.uk and details out how best to journey through the pre-registration year.

GPhC Pre-registration tutor

Providing a new way...

We try to provide a new style of learning. One where we do not dictate to you but aid you in your path to becoming the best pharmacist that you can be. We will apply our wisdom in this field you a gentle nudge in the right direction, when you come across new hurdles we promise to give you the tools to either bypass or easily stride over them.

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