Online Pharmacy Standard Operating Procedures

How to set up an online pharmacy UK
Online Pharmacy Standard Operating Procedures

Want to start an online pharmacy (distance selling) in the UK but need some help with the clinical governance to do so? Look no further...

£79.99 or £29.99pm

Online Pharmacy SOPs

PharmacyCPA started its own online pharmacy in 2009 and since, has undergone numerous inspections by the GPhC to ensure our clinical governance and logistics is in order. As such, we have refined our documentation and published it as an update on this website every year, resources include:

  • Online Standard Operating Procedures - detailed procedures covering all aspects of running a distance selling pharmacy.
  • How to set up an online pharmacy guide - a step by step procedure of what you need in place in order to run an online pharmacy.
  • Information Governance documentation - this is to ensure that the data you acquire via the website is and remains confidential.

Distance Selling SOP

Or let us do it all for you, we have now created a new system to manage all Distance Selling requirements.

A subscription starts from £29.99pm and enables the following:

1. Online, CPPQ survey access - an online embeddable system which allows for CPPQ digitization.

2. Clinical logs, including:

  • Clinical Diary
  • Errors - including NPSA classing.
  • Date Checking
  • Cleaning
  • Recalls
  • Responsible Pharmacist
  • Maintenance

3. Complaints module - an online embeddable system which follows NHS complaints protocols.

4. Practice leaflet - customisable, pdf download.

5. Prescription module - this allows for the ability to receive EPS and repeats online.

6. Controlled Medicines registers - add an unlimited amount of registers.

  • CD Returns/ Destruction registers
  • POM Private registers
  • Specials registers
  • Emergency Supply registers

7. Human Resources Module - this enables the organisation to send out HR contracts and over 150 template distance selling SOPs to be signed by the various classes of users.

8. Online prescribing - whether you have an independent pharmacist prescriber or would like to use our in-house doctor we can enable online prescribing from your website, much like:

9. Marketing - we can drive business to your website, being a subscriber you will be listed on our centralised portal at and you will benefit from over 10,000 unique views a month.

For more information please have a look at: Online Digital Back Office Brochure

To subscribe have a look at:

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