Steps after Pre-reg

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After Pre-reg
So you passed the exam well done! Feels like you finally got there? Well, sorry to tell you, but it is actually just the beginning of your illustrious career! To get a good head start just follow these easy steps:
  1. Register with the GPhC - you need to pay a fee every year to remain registered, to be accepted you will need to declare that you have not been convicted of a criminal offence.
  2. Get professional insurance - some pharmacists do not get personal insurance, as they are generally covered by shop insurance, however, if you are a locum, it is seen as best practice.
  3. Get a good Pharmacist CV together - have a look at our pharmacist CV examples, learn from their mistakes and write one which makes you stand out of the crowd! Remember, keep it simple, one page, well designed, succinct.
  4. Register with a locum agency - with your new CV, send it to as many locum agencies as possible. The pharmacist job market is extremely overcrowded the more you avenues you can explore for work the better.
  5. Do your CPD in advance - you need to do at least 9 CPD entries a year, take this time to get started, you could do your first CPD to try and plan out your new career...
  6. Get accredited - if you mainly do your locums in a specific area, make sure you are trained in local NHS procedures for EHC and Minor Ailments etc. Also, access the CPPE site and get nationally accredited for services such as Child Protection and MURs.
  7. Differentiate yourself - every year more and more pharmacy schools are opening up, this means you are in a profession which is getting more and more competitive. You need to differentiate yourself, why not try the following: get Cross Platform Accredited, PGD Accredited, or even apply to become an Independent Prescriber.
  8. Join Voyager Medical and start doing extra services at the Pharmacies that you work.
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