GPhC Exam Pass Rate

In recent years, the pass rate for the GPhC Exam has significantly decreased. The main factors apart from study, which affect your chances include:

  • Placement: On average 91% of hospital pre-registration students pass first time, in comparison to their community pharmacy pre-registration counter parts who only reach a mere 76%.
  • Gender: Female candidates are 5% more likely to pass the exam than male students.
  • Ethnicity: White - British and White Irish are most likely to pass on their first attempt in comparison to other candidates.
  • Location: Welsh and Scottish candidates perform better than England-based students.
So, given these statistics (generated from GPhC data), the most successful candidate for the GPhC Exam is a white woman working in a Scottish hospital pharmacy.

Pass rate for the GPhC Exam

The picture above illustrates the quantity of passes and fails that occur at each summer attempt of the GPhC exam. The figures for the Winter exam have reached as low as 40% It is undeniable that there has been a general, downward trend in pass rates over the past few years, our prediction is that this trend will continue.

Last modified: Wednesday, 17 January 2018, 2:02 AM