Pharmacy Cross Platform Accreditation

Pharmacy Cross Platform Accreditation

Pharmacy Cross Platform Accreditation

Want to start an online pharmacy in the UK but need some help with the clinical governance to do so? Look no further...


GPhC Exam 2016

A CPD learning accreditation (certificate included), aimed at teaching pharmacy staff how to easily acclimatise to any pharmacy environment - excellent for newly qualified pharmacists!

  • Want to learn a pharmacy PMR system before you work at a pharmacy?
  • Worried whether you will be able to cope with a new computer system?
  • Want something to put on your CV which is recognised by the top 10 UK pharmacy locum agencies?
  • Look no further...

An essential tool for pharmacists. The Cross Platform Accreditation gives you the skills you need to easily work in different pharmacies across the UK. The course includes:

Video training on the main UK PMR systems including Proscript, Pharmacy Manager, PharmaSys, NexPhase (Boots) and many more...

  • Tutorials on how to use Electronic CD Registers.
  • How to easily complete your compulsory yearly CPD.
  • Pharmacy locum economics resources.
  • Save yourself a lot of money, Cegedim, the company which created NexPhase for Boots, charge £350 for their PMR training course!
  • Once the course is completed, you will take a short test. Once passed, you will be able to download and print the PCPA Accreditation Certificate which is recognised by the majority of locum agencies including Capital Locums, Locum Link, PharmaSeekers and much more!

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