Ultimate GPhC Exam Guide

Thanks to our contributors, we have published our own book! For over 10 years, we have been gathering submissions from students, tutors and pharmacist about the GPhC Exam. This amounted to over 10,000 pages of text and notes. We then refined this and employed an editor to make it into what we believe is the most comprehensive GPhC Exam book on the market, it comes with lots of little tips and hints which actually got students through the exam. Other exam preparation books only contain questions and answers. We give you the questions and the answers with detailed feedback and all the resources you need to pass the exam. 

The Ultimate GPhC Exam Guide has been compiled by expert pharmacist editors with a combined 30 years experience of tutoring pharmacy pre-regs. GPhC Exam Question Book No other book for the GPhC exam contains more questions or content. Topics covered include: 

  • All Responding to Symptoms information. 
  • All Tariff information although there is less focus on the Tariff in the updated exam we still include a section for reference. 
  • All MEP information including additions about Responsible Pharmacist legislation, prescription requirements and CD law. 
  • All BNF information highlighted key aspects such as CSM and interactions 
  • How to schedule your Pre-registration Year. 
  • Drugs which may be used in Children, Pregnancy... 
  • Drugs and antibiotics in relation to food and alcohol. 

Additional notes they don't teach you including... 

  • Antimuscarinic ADR's, Simplified Interactions, Patients to look out for... 
  • Over 300 practice questions which have been created from previous exams. 
  • We catergorized every question created by GPhC and then wrote our question as to cover every technique and every format they use. 
  • Each question has indepth feedback, which you can quickly reference.

Last modified: Thursday, 23 February 2017, 6:37 AM