Pharmacist migration from the EU to the UK

Pharmacist Migration to the UK

A bespoke course, created for pharmacists migrating internationally to the UK.
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This course is for foreign pharmacists within the EU or internationally who wish to practice in the UK. For our dedicated website please click here.

The course contains resources which encompass topics for both the EU Pharmacist and International Pharmacist applicant. These include:

  • General pharmacy law - tutorials and resources dedicated to improving your understanding of UK Pharmacy Law.
  • Pharmacy sciences - showing you the key points in Evidence Based Medicine in the UK.
  • Professional body registration - guiding you in how to apply to the GPhC or OSPAP.
  • Ethics - tutorials on the Medicines Ethics and Practice, the bible for UK Medical Ethics.
  • Working practices - tutorials and resources dedicated to looking at the differences between pharmacy in the UK and abroad.
  • Work agencies - we know the best places to look for work as a locum or full time pharmacist.
  • Societies and associations - we have a database of companies which can aid you in your move.
  • CV creation - we have a series of tutorials on how to create the best pharmacist CV to increase your chances of employment. Check some examples of our pharmacists CV's.
  • Transitional coaching - tutor support is at hand to help you along the way.
  • Language support - we have translational services at hand and tutors trained in both IELTS and TOEFL techniques.
  • Buddy system tutoring - we will match you with other pharmacists who have had the same experience migrating from your home country.
Pharmacist Migration


OSPAP is a conversion course for foreign pharmacists to practice in the UK. The main steps in becoming registered in the UK include:

  • Your degree must be determined to be comparable to the UK Bachelor’s degree completed by NARIC.
  • You must hold a license to practise pharmacy in a given country.
  • A professional and academic reference.
  • A score of 7 across the board in one sitting of IELTS.
  • Passing an interview by the OSPAP board (if you are called up)
  • Complete 12 months Pre-Registration Training after you have passed the OSP Assessments. This pre-registration training period is to be completed under the same terms and conditions as required of UK MPharm graduates.
  • Sit and pass the Society’s registration examination.
Our course provides a variety of benefits to aid you in your migration:
  • Tutor support - each subscriber is designated their own tutor to aid them in their application.
  • OSPAP Interview Support - one of the most difficult aspects of the application process is made simple using our tailor made resources.
  • Experience - we have had experience with aiding pharmacists from India, US, Canada, Australia, mainland Europe and many more.
  • Access all areas - once you have passed the OSPAP course you will need to pass the UK registration exam. Your subscription entitles you to direct access to our Gold PCPA subscriber course.
  • Innovative question system - questions which are graded automatically with detailed feedback which enables you to track your progress.
  • Recommended reading - guiding you to the best resources!
  • Forums - our hugely popular subscriber forums.
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