Pre-reg CVs

Below are CV's from various pre-reg's and pharmacists from around the country. There are a few good ones but also some really bad ones! Enjoy.

Pre-reg CV 1

Pre-reg CV 2

Pre-reg CV 3

Pre-reg CV 4

Pre-reg CV 5

Pre-reg CV 6

Pre-reg CV 7

Pre-reg CV 8

Pre-reg CV 9

Pre-reg CV 10

Pre-reg CV 11

Pre-reg CV 12

Pre-reg CV 13

Pre-reg CV 14

Pre-reg CV 15

A few points about writing CV's for community pharmacies:

  • Be conservative - do not write that you are part of a religious sect or enjoy drinking! But make sure you mention something that differentiates you like scuba diving or playing an instrument.
  • Write a clear, concise, cover note - this goes a long way. Find out hte name of the main pharmacist and address it to them.
  • Get a good email address like not Gmail shows that you are IT literate and well organised.
  • Interest should include: Complementary Alternative Medicine, reading, healthy lifestyle and social activities...
  • List IT skills - look at our locum page for details.
  • Get experienced - there should be 2+ from independents, 2+ from chains and 1+ hospital.
  • Skills to add - include doing dossette boxes, customer skills, flexibility, driving licence and OTC customer care.

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