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2015 GPhC Pre-Reg Exam

We provide online learning resources and GPhC exam questions for Pre-Reg pharmacists based around the syllabus set by the GPhC. 2014 saw some major changes in how the GPhC exam was administered to students, which led to the pass rate dramatically falling to a historic low of 74%. PCPA has responded by updating all resources and questions to reflect the change in focus of the exam. To subscribe to a course, you first need to make an account by clicking on the links below. Services we provide include:

GPhC Exam
Free GPhC Syllabus Pharmacy Questions
Cost: FREE
With 60 free pharmacy GPhC exam questions with detailed feedback, for you to complete created from the GPhC syllabus.

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Pre-reg Exam Questions
GPhC Syllabus Questions
Cost: £14.99
1 months access to 1,000 pharmacy exam questions plus 5 full exams, 5 downloadable calculation text books, PIL and licensing texts, MEP and Drug Tariff resources... No other site has more questions or resources if you find one we will send you a refund and £100!

Best online GPhC Exam Course
GPhC Intensive Learning Course
Cost: £29.99
3 months access, includes all of the above. Additionally, 10 full exams, 2,000 questions, online lectures covering the entire GPhC syllabus, detailed feedback on all questions and full access to all learning resources including our online text book and tutor support.

Best online GPhC Course
GPhC Pharmacy Deluxe Course
Cost: £99.99
12 month access to a constantly updated database of exam resources with more than 2,000 questions. Your dedicated tutor, assess you via a 200 question exam to find your weaknesses, we then provide you with resources to improve in those areas. Money back guarantee if you fail. This is the best course on the web, guaranteed.

Retake GPhC Exam
GPhC 2nd Attempt (Repeat) Exam Course
Cost: £89.99
A bespoke, one year, private course, specialising in calculations, for students taking the exam a second time. When you start the course you need to answer over 200 questions, the computer will then analyze this data and show you where your weaknesses are. With the aid of a tutor, the system will then direct you to our own resources which will help you improve in these areas.

PSI Pre-reg Exam
Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland registration exam
Cost: £29.99 (
€ equivalent accepted)
PSI registration exam and TCQR evaluating exam, intensive preparation course (including OSCE support). 3 months access, 100's of questions , downloadable resources, automatic grading
with detailed feedback, our online text book, and tutor support.

OSPAP Course
OSPAP Admission
Cost: £19.99
A bespoke course created for pharmacists migrating internationally to the UK. Our tutors have had experience with pharmacist from India, US, Canada, Australia, mainland Europe and many more. The course guides you through the complicated application and interview processes. *Update, we now provide additional support for IELTS.


Pharmacy Cross Platform Accreditation
Cost: £29.99
CPD learning accreditation (hardcopy certificate included), aimed at teaching pharmacists how to easily acclimatize to any pharmacy environment - excellent for newly qualified pharmacists!

Pre-reg Calculation Questions Pharmacy
GPhC Pharmaceutical Calculations Course
Cost: £29.99
This 6 month course is for pre-reg students who need that extra help in pharmaceutical calculations. This course contains sample MCQ's, learning text books, calculation walk throughs and calculation tutor support.

Wholesale Logo
Wholesale Dealer Accreditation
Cost: £49.99
Created for UK pharmacists wishing to certify their competence in Wholesale Dealing, this course follows MHRA / GDP guidance and contains all the information you need to learn how to run a successful WDL. In addition, this course provides pharmacy staff with learning documents, MCQ testing, certification and guidance on how best to manage the day to day operations of a WDL pharmacy. 

  • Why choose us?
    Written by pharmacists
    100% money back guarantee
    Free access to other resources
    Guaranteed lowest price
    Calculations, Open book, Closed book tailored for 2014
    Exact exam simulations
    GPHC Exam

    "Website is simple and easy to use. Great questions and info  - got me through my exam. Grateful to the founder of the site and its worth every penny." - Anon 

    "Last year I used a different provider,, it was not so professional as yours, your free papers are excellent. I wrote to them few e-mails and never received reply." - Z Joss - Scotland Pre-reg

    "Brilliant learning resource, thanks guys!" - Salem Shall - London Pre-reg

    "Excellent website, well worth the money!" - F Atteney - London Pre-reg

    "Site's great, the student forums really useful" - T Nayyar - London Pre-reg

    "This website (pharmacycpa) is fantastic for revision. It has many closed book and open book questions, plus a good set of revision documents and calculations. The first thing I bought was the pharmacycpa ultimate revision guide 2014 which gave me good guidance and a very good blueprint on what to do in terms of revision." Naiz - London Pre-reg

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GPhC Exam Question Marathon
by Admin User - Tuesday, 24 June 2014, 05:56 AM
Okay guys, Im sure you are studying hard, wants to help. We are going to do a FREE GPhC Exam question marathon to help you on your way. 

Basically, we are going to publish one question per hour up until the exam itself, the answer (with indepth analysis) will follow half an hour after the questions has been published.

All you need to do to participate is:

1. Go to
2. You don’t have to subscribe but it would make life easier as you will be notified of the Questions and Answers as they come. 
3. All we ask is that you try and participate, you could ask questions to our experienced tutor via the blog or you could share it to you friends via Facebook/Twitter etc or even just like us on Facebook/Google+.

Remember if you haven’t seen our YouTube series yet make sure you check it out we will have some cool updates soon!

If it gets popular we may perform a free webinar to the end of the week.

Anyway best of luck!

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New Audio added for GPhC Exam Law Slides
by Admin User - Sunday, 22 June 2014, 10:40 AM

If you haven't seen it already check out the new audio notes on the GPhC Law exam slides. If you like it please share and we will do more!


Picture of Admin User
New videos
by Admin User - Sunday, 22 June 2014, 09:20 AM
Hi guys,

Exam is fast approaching. Does anyone fancy a free online tutor session? Our team will be around today from around 6pm so use our contact page if you would like to join in...

Otherwise please ping us some ideas for some extra videos if you have time.


Picture of Admin User
YouTube Channel
by Admin User - Monday, 16 June 2014, 03:22 AM
Hi Guys,

Just a note to keep an eye on our YouTube Channel, make sure you subscribe as we are pushing out quite a few updates. The most recent video was on the MEP so if you havent got a copy its well worthwhile checking it out.


Picture of Admin User
New videos scheduled
by Admin User - Thursday, 17 April 2014, 06:54 AM
Hi Guys,

Just a reminder that we have new videos which are scheduled for release in the next couple of weeks. The next two topics will cover the changes as mentioned in the previous post and recent changes in the syllabus. Just click the following link to subscribe, GPhC Exam Questions.



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